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Breathe Quality Air in The Comfort of Your Home with AC Maintenance

When you think of poor air quality, the first thing that comes to mind is industrial work zones and heavily polluted areas. Seldom do we think that the air inside of our home could be compromised, yet, it can be. At Comfort Specialists, we believe maintaining healthy air inside of your home starts with your heating and air conditioning unit. This spring, you can ensure your family is living in comfort by getting an inspection of your AC system.

You’ll rest easier knowing the air you and your family are breathing in is not negatively affecting your health. Take immediate steps to ensure healthy air quality in your home by getting preventative maintenance. Here four things that will help you in your mission:

Change the Air Filter

The air filter inside of your air conditioning unit is critical for maintaining quality air in your home. Your home is filled with dust, debris, and other pollutants that the air filter collects. If it is not changed periodically, the buildup of these contaminants can restrict airflow, causing your AC unit to work harder.

Check Your Air Ducts

Both the hot and cold air provided by your heater and AC run through your air ducts. Maintenance of air ducts is typically neglected, even though cleaning it can remedy many health issues. Dust, dander, and even mold accumulates in air ducts, which circulates back into your home, significantly reducing air quality.

Use Cooking Vents

Believe it or not, many air pollutants actually come from your kitchen. Harmful contaminants, such as nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide, are released from gas stoves. Electric stoves also produce the same contaminants, but at lower levels. To reduce the amount of these harmful contaminants permeating throughout your home, turn on the kitchen vents or open a window to help filter out the air.

Clean Your Rugs & Carpets

While your rugs and carpets may be displayed for aesthetic reasons, they’re good for more than just that. The many fibers in rugs allow them to trap dust and other particles, and cleaning them will rid them of these contaminants.

Get long-lasting comfort you can trust with Comfort Specialists. Schedule an appointment for an AC maintenance inspection today by calling 801-810-9205.

What Our Customers Say

Comfort Specialists solved my problem over the phone for no charge. They called me as soon as I requested quotes. John was extremely helpful and saved me the cost of a tech coming to the house. I would recommend this company.

- Gregory C.

Our condenser stopped running and our ac wasn't cooling. They got here super quick and had a blown fuse fixed and within 15 minutes the house was already getting cooler for a lot cheaper than we thought our problem was going to cost!

- Amanda G.

Comfort Specialists showed up right on time the same day that I called them! I think the pro's name was Justin, He worked hard to find the problem and then fixed it. Thanks Guys!

- David B.

Very knowledgeable. When the technician assigned to come out called in sick (and was late), the owner himself dropped everything he had planned that Saturday morning and came to take care of the job. First rate.

- Alisa A.